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FNF vs Pibby Corrupted Mod

FNF vs Pibby Corrupted it is an awesome FNF Mod you shouldn’t miss. If you’re interested in playing this mod you can play it on our FNF Online Games website.

This game is quite enjoyable but battles during the final stages can be challenging.

In this FNF Mod, Featuring Boyfriend and Pibby rap-battle against many cartoon characters across many alternate universes that were corrupted by Pibby’s virus.

Who is Pibby?

An animated television series created and developed by Dodge Greenley, IT is about unlikely heroes who fled their respective TV shows as they were consumed and corrupted by a mysterious evil. The characters must come together in order to survive and fight the darkness, which is a horde of warped and infected Cartoon Network characters.


  • Save the Day
  • Glitched Gem
  • My Friends
  • The Change
  • OverWorked
  • Last Spooktober
  • Gunshot
  • Blue Balled
  • Corrupted Hero
  • Bortherly Bond
  • Gummy Substance
  • Together Forever
  • No hero
  • You Can’t Save Them
  • NO HERO Remastered
  • Lost Legend
  • Elastic destruction
  • Glitched Duo


  • Corrupted Finn
  • Corrupted  Jake
  • Corrupted  Spinel
  • Corrupted  Steven
  • Corrupted  Princess Bubblegum
  • Corrupted  Mordecai
  • Corrupted  Skid & Pump
  • Corrupted  Pico 

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The controls of FNF vs Pibby Corrupted Mod are very simple: WASD or Arrow Keys. Your job is to beat your enemies by tapping the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons! You must keep up the pace to match the rhythm.


To play FNF Online click on the play button. Next, you have to follow the arrows direction and hit the correct arrow keys from your keyboard.

The Mod Credit:

  • If you had fun and would like to keep up-to-update on the mod, make sure to support these cool mod creators on their social media by subscribing, following, liking, etc.
  • Official Twitter page of this mod
  • Directors:
    • JustNE: https://twitter.com/Definitelynotne
    • NiteWind221: https://twitter.com/NiteWindowed
    • KillerFoxy10: https://twitter.com/Killerfoxy10
    • haylow71980670: https://twitter.com/haylow71980670
  • Artists:
    • JustNE: https://twitter.com/Definitelynotne
    • Killerfoxy10: https://twitter.com/Killerfoxy10
    • Nico85838840: https://twitter.com/Nico85838840
    • TresBlocke: https://twitter.com/TresBlocke
    • freedom04260270: https://twitter.com/freedom04260270
    • somenteblack: https://twitter.com/somenteblack
    • SUS_PAIN: https://twitter.com/SUS_PAIN
    • ComaYamiYume: https://twitter.com/ComaYamiYume
    • Mr_artaches: https://twitter.com/Mr_artaches
    • KlysTjklys: https://twitter.com/KlysTjklys
    • Shen_000P: https://twitter.com/Shen_000P
    • FrostedStones: https://twitter.com/FrostedStones
    • GuEsTySES: https://twitter.com/GuEsTySES
    • Srmehblockofice: https://twitter.com/Srmehblockofice
    • Rbxjames1: https://twitter.com/Rbxjames1
    • OzKzz_: https://twitter.com/ozkzz_
    • themusicheadset: https://twitter.com/themusicheadset
    • Dboy1200: https://twitter.com/dboy1200
    • Kassi_34: https://twitter.com/Kassi_34
    • Mathiascarrera5: https://twitter.com/Mathiascarrera5
  • Coders:
    • isophoro: https://twitter.com/isophoro
    • Clodium1: https://twitter.com/Clodium1
    • NomNom_Lol: https://twitter.com/nomnom_lol
    • haylow: https://twitter.com/haylow71980670
    • LiteralScissor: https://twitter.com/LiteralScissor
  • Charters:
    • RonanSub2: https://twitter.com/RonanSub2
    • Clodium1: https://twitter.com/Clodium1
    • MurtherSoy: https://twitter.com/MurtherSoy
    • KyeVL: https://twitter.com/Kye_VL
    • Nasadotexe: https://twitter.com/Nasadotexe
    • haylow: https://twitter.com/haylow71980670
  • Musicians
    • LordVoiid: https://twitter.com/LordVoiid
    • BlueRapper4: https://twitter.com/BlueRapper4
    • ash_animates: https://twitter.com/ash_animates
    • Senpoii1: https://twitter.com/Senpoii1
    • NewTioSans: https://twitter.com/NewTioSans
    • vtm1ns: https://twitter.com/vtm1ns
    • youngzbeatz243: https://twitter.com/youngzbeatz243
    • Corapedria: https://twitter.com/Corapedria
    • JordopriceVA: https://twitter.com/JordopriceVA
    • idkagvids128: https://twitter.com/idkagvids128
    • Jakeneutron: https://twitter.com/Jakeneutron
    • snuffow: https://twitter.com/snuffow
    • Antimation_real: https://twitter.com/Antimation_real
    • lehnsbo: https://twitter.com/lehnsbo
    • VisummumFNF: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS8dxyW4AFyR7HvSPob7uFA
  • Animators:
    • Shen_000P: https://twitter.com/Shen_000P
    • Jalenbrah: https://twitter.com/jalenbrah
    • ComaYamiYume: https://twitter.com/ComaYamiYume
    • ash_animates: https://twitter.com/ash_animates
    • veljko3500: https://twitter.com/veljko3500
    • FellpsLui: https://twitter.com/FellpsLui
    • Srmehblockofice: https://twitter.com/Srmehblockofice
    • OJogadorAnimador: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMKqZBweGhdyXS_yyR_wwfw
    • themusicheadset: https://twitter.com/themusicheadset
    • Voice Actors:
    • Banbuds: https://twitter.com/Banbuds
    • CougarMacDowal1: https://twitter.com/CougarMacDowal1
  • Writer:
    • Dboy1200: https://twitter.com/Dboy1200
  • Trailer:
    • TheVerblerMan: https://twitter.com/TheVerblerMan
    • FNFSonivv: https://twitter.com/FNFSonivv
  • Google Doc list of full Credits:
  • Download
  • Please download the OG version of the mod your cool high-end desktop PC on here.

Friday Night Funkin Credits:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • KadeDev – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – Artists
  • kawaisprite – Tasty Ass Music

Moreover, people who contributed to GitHub Repository.

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